The new standard for test making

Our AI-driven testing platform creates an unlimited number of test exams for practice and assessment, all different but homogeneous in difficulty, taxonomy and content distribution in just one click!

Ensure the accuracy and reliability
of every test exam

Thanks to our algorithms with dynamic parameters, it’s possible to create exams all different but homogeneous in terms of difficulty, taxonomy and content, always complying with the parameters defined by the examiner.
It is not a random test, it is TESTUALIA.

Save valuable time in creating, delivering
and grading test exams

Our intuitive and user-friendly platform helps to automatically create and deliver unlimited reliable test exams.
Create your exams in less time, admin and deliver them more efficiently, and get immediate access to valuable performance data telling the whole story about your students’ learning progress.

Get the most out of your
question bank

Our algorithm takes into account as many questions as possible to create unlimited test combinations always complying with the established criteria defined by the examiner.
With TESTUALIA, no topic is left out and no question is wasted.

A reliable and effective
e-learning assessment tool

Global e-learning market is a fast growing market where the use
of multiple-choice exams as an assessment tool is intensive.
However, avoiding question repetition and ensuring homogeneity
is still a crucial challenge.
It is really difficult to create many good quality and reliable tests and all the students taking the same test makes online evaluation just a mere formality, not a real assessment.
An efficient assessment tool such as TESTUALIA, providing unlimited test, all different but with the same features in terms of difficulty, taxonomy and content, achieving the balance between random and reliable test making, is the solution.

The ideal test prep solution

TESTUALIA is the most efficient and time-saving tool to successfully train for a multiple choice exam.
Students will be able to practice with no limits with unlimited mock exams all different and strictly complying with official exam requirements and format to become familiar with it, reducing stress and getting successfully prepared to pass the exam.
Increases pass rates. Verified.

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