Optimize internal training

Improve your internal training processes ensuring that your employees are indeed achieving their learning objectives.
Our AI-driven testing platform creates an unlimited number of test exams, all different but homogeneous, for a real and reliable assessment, in just one click!
TESTUALIA minimizes the potential for cheating.
Every student takes a different exam with different questions making sharing answers significantly harder. This is especially relevant for e-learning assessment.
At the same time, fairness is ensured because our algorithm guarantees that all the tests have the same difficulty, taxonomy and content distribution.
TESTUALIA provides detailed and easy-to-read learning analytics generating valuable reports on student learning progress and helping to increase the overall quality of the training process.

Reliable assessment.
Tests will no longer be just a mere formality

Are your employees making the most out of the e-learning training? How do you know if the assessment is reliable?
TESTUALIA ensures that a rigorous assessment is carried out in e-learning courses.
The use of multiple-choice exams in e-learning is intensive. However, avoiding question repetition and ensuring homogeneity is still a crucial challenge. It is really difficult to create many good quality and reliable tests and all students taking the same test makes online evaluation just a mere formality, not a real assessment.
An efficient assessment tool such as TESTUALIA, providing unlimited test, all different but with the same features in terms of difficulty, taxonomy and content, achieving the balance between random and reliable test making, is the solution.

Legal compliance tests

TESTUALIA will help you to create rigorous and reliable corporate compliance tests to provide evidence of detailed knowledge and understanding of company policies (code of conduct, health and safety measures, anti-discrimination and harassment policy…) by every employee throughout the organization.
Since each employee will have a different exam, the potential of cheating is reduced, giving results even more credibility.

More transparency
in the process of Internal promotion

Our intuitive and user-friendly platform helps to automatically create and deliver unlimited and reliable test exams to assess candidates’ knowledge and competencies.
Get immediate access to valuable detailed data about all the candidates’ performance and easily document the internal promotion process.

Customizable and intuitive metrics

TESTUALIA provides intuitive, detailed and customizable data reporting: obtain an in-depth vision of your employees’ learning progress and optimize internal training resources.

Easily document compliance

Customizable and detailed performance reports make it easy to demonstrate compliance with the course objectives and provide evidence of student learning to accrediting bodies or institutions, saving time and effort.

Create unlimited and reliable tests
in just one click!

Our intuitive and user-friendly platform helps to automatically create and deliver unlimited reliable test exams.
Create your exams in less time, admin and deliver them more efficiently, and get immediate access to valuable performance data telling the whole story about your students’ learning progress.
TESTUALIA can be customized and integrated in any Learning Management System (LMS) to be used as a test prep solution and as a formative and summative assessment tool.

Enhance the learning process

TESTUALIA improves students’ performance and increases the overall quality of the learning process.
As a formative assessment tool, providing accurate and timely student feedback, our testing platform makes it simple to implement effective remediation and a personalized learning.

Make learning more engaging

TESTUALIA makes the student eager to practice, being every test a new challenge, learning in a dynamic way, improving their skills and maximizing performance.
TESTUALIA provides detailed and easy-to-read learning analytics and generates valuable reports on student learning that facilitate the identification of individual strengths and difficulties, giving students detailed feedback to improve their performance and ensure their learning progress.

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