Artificial Intelligence
meets test creation

TESTUALIA is the new standard for test making.
Our AI-driven testing platform creates an unlimited number of test exams for practice and assessment, all different but homogeneous in difficulty, taxonomy and content distribution. In just one click!

Customizable and intuitive
learning analytics

TESTUALIA provides intuitive, detailed and customizable data reporting: obtain an in-depth vision of students’ learning progress to improve learning outcomes and take education to the next level.

Easily demostrate compliance

Customizable and detailed performance reports make it easy to demonstrate compliance with the course objectives and provide evidence of student learning to accrediting bodies or institutions, saving faculty time and effort.

Standardize student evaluations
and course content

TESTUALIA enhances transparency and uniformity in student evaluation, as well as facilitates the standardization of programs given by several instructors.
Our testing platform will help you to create a common robust and well-classified question bank for each program or topic.

Get the most out of your question bank

Use TESTUALIA to create and effectively manage a common robust and well-classified question bank for each program or topic.
Our algorithm takes into account as many questions as possible to create unlimited test combinations always complying with the established criteria defined by the examiner.
With TESTUALIA, no topic is left out and no question is wasted.

Create unlimited and reliable tests
in just one click!

Our intuitive and user-friendly platform helps to automatically create and deliver unlimited reliable test exams.
Create your exams in less time, admin and deliver them more efficiently, and get immediate access to valuable performance data telling the whole story about your students’ learning progress.
TESTUALIA can be customized and integrated in any Learning Management System (LMS) to be used as a test prep solution and as a formative and summative assessment tool.

Enhance the learning process

TESTUALIA improves students’ performance and increases the overall quality of the learning process.
As a formative assessment tool, providing accurate and timely student feedback, our testing platform makes it simple to implement effective remediation and a personalized learning.

Save valuable time
in creating and grading exams

TESTUALIA makes every step of the assessment process easier and more efficient: from creating and administering exams all the way through to grading and providing timely, detailed feedback to students.

Reduce exam cheating

TESTUALIA minimizes the potential for cheating.
Every student takes a different exam with different questions making sharing answers significantly harder.
This is especially relevant for e-learning assessment.
At the same time, fairness is ensured because our algorithm guarantees that all the tests have the same difficulty, taxonomy and content distribution.

Make learning more engaging

TESTUALIA makes the student eager to practice, being every test a new challenge, learning in a dynamic way, improving their skills and maximizing performance.
TESTUALIA provides detailed and easy-to-read learning analytics and generates valuable reports on student learning that facilitate the identification of individual strengths and difficulties, giving students detailed feedback to improve their performance and ensure their learning progress.

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