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Being an effective formative and engaging assessment tool, TESTUALIA makes the student eager to practice, being every test a new challenge, learning in a dynamic way, improving their skills and maximizing performance.
TESTUALIA provides detailed and easy-to-read learning analytics and generates valuable reports on student learning that facilitate the identification of individual strengths and difficulties, giving students detailed feedback to improve their performance and ensure their learning progress. Therefore, TESTUALIA increases the overall quality of the in-classroom and online learning processes.

Provide timely student feedback for a personalized learning

TESTUALIA improves students’ performance and increases the overall quality of the learning process. As a formative assessment tool, providing accurate and timely student feedback, our testing platform makes it simple to implement effective remediation and a personalized learning.

Easy integration with your online content management system

TESTUALIA can be customized and integrated in any Learning Management System (LMS) to be used as a test prep solution and as a formative and summative assessment tool.

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